About Mark wonneck

A veteran of folk festivals and concert stages, Mark Wonneck is a gifted song-writer, story-singer, singer-of-songs, story-teller...all the combinations.  He is also known as Larry Douglas, one half of the folk-comedy duo, The Douglas Brothers, who emerged out of Winnipeg onto the folk scene in the mid-eighties,  While he still likes to perform as a Douglas Brother whenever he can, over the last several years he has developed a well-earned reputation as a masterful and insightful song-writer and a warm and captivating solo performer.

To get an even better sense of the magic he creates, here's a sampling of what others have said about him:

"...a  beautifully rare blend of poetry, stream of conscious thought, and comic surprise.  This kind of slow pour of storytelling makes you want to listen forever. Masterful and deeply human" L. Schuerbeke, Concert Host, Parksville, BC

“ My wife and I both thought your show [at the 2022 Vancouver Island MusicFest]  was the highlight of the festival for us.” K. Luce, Bop City Records, Courtenay, BC  

"His authentic way of quirky story-telling is the perfect blend of imagination and cryable-laughter. Bringing a warm perspective on life, Mark Wonneck is simply one of the best" R. Palm, Parksville, BC 

“One of my favourite songwriters is Mark Wonneck. He can have you on the verge of tears with a beautiful tune, or have you actually crying with laughter from another." K. Ferris, Gimli, MB

"With [Mark's] music, I am beginning to realize that I want to meter out the songs and not rush through them. One song can last for a few days before I am tempted to open the next gift."  D. Ruzicka, Camrose, AB

"Mark’s performance is laugh-out-loud entertaining. His creative wit keeps you engaged and singing along while simultaneously moving you deeply. Not only does he perform original songs with uncharacteristic insight into our world—with all its foibles and beauty—but he also serves up the unexpected. If you’re looking for a performer to engage, entertain, and illuminate, I highly recommend Mark.” S. Cowan Copy, Parksville, BC

“The term "singer songwriter" just doesn't fit. Story singer, consummate guitarist. Warm, authentic, thoughtful, joyous. Expect the unexpected.”  S. Methot, Community Concert Organizer, Ladysmith, BC 

“Mark entertains with humility and respect while his lyrics create a feeling of being home. His songs tell relatable stories that remind the listener of sweet childhood memories, honesty, love and the quirky mysteries of life.” Mark’s generosity of spirit brought him to share his time and considerable talent with refreshing flavour. Audiences seeking warmth and pure simple enjoyment will be delighted by Mark’s light and creativity.”   E. Munce, Director, Community Hospice Services, Calgary, AB 

"A wonderfully quirky, slice-of-life songwriter..."  D. Cox, Artistic Director, Vancouver Island MusicFest, Courtenay, BC

"THANK YOU!!! I want to sincerely express my appreciation for you joining our group today and bringing your gift or music.  Your song choices were delightful and I could tell by the smiles on everyone’s faces that you were bringing a large portion of Joy into their lives.  This was timely because earlier in our group, people were sharing that energy was low and it was harder to take hold of things in their day to pick them up. In other words, I know the participants really needed you today!!" S. Van Dyke, Cousellor, Living With Advanced Illness Centre, Calgary, AB

“You are so talented, and much, much more...... your warmth, sense of humour and gentle presence are the whole package! Love your song writing.”  S. Maynard, Program Coordinator, Living With Cancer Program, Calgary, AB

‘Your songs sit right in that spot between  our mind and heart… whatever life we all are in, something in your songs will ring true."  A. Carnell, Program Coordinator, Wellspring Calgary, AB

“I can't tell you how much I enjoyed your music today.  It evoked so many emotions in me.  You're a fabulous musician but mostly a very talented story teller." L. Loiselle, Calgary, AB